About Us

            February 17, 2015


was the beginning of  MABBAM. and the end of the working in corporate world for 25yr old Richard Florence, the Founder of  MABBAM. No other source of income and a family to provide for, this was a pure risk. With No Prior Retail Experience outside of buying clothes, this company was established. From the announcement on 2.17.15, creating a website, doing local deliveries,  encountering all the legal obligations, saving up, led up to the first ever storefront  1807 Central Ave, Cincinnati, OH being opened 13 months later. After securing the lease, being at Home Depot & Lowes at 6am everyday for 2months straight, laying tile, painting, building & breaking, literally doing everything to get the store opened to the public. That day came on March 22, 2016. One of the best feelings in the world, displaying your finished product to the world. Things were good, going great. Fast forward to Nov 13th & Dec 4th of 2016 back to back break-ins. Losing cash, inventory, laptops, tv's and having to replace broken glass, inventory and other business operational items became a headache. Working so hard for someone to break in while you're sleep, became very stressful & ruins your peace of mind. So the store was closed, wood-boarded and became a delivery only company. After questioning myself, praying and brain storming for days, the store was finally back in good condition to open up 10 days later, on Dec.14th,2016. After announcing the re-opening of the store, new customers, as well as returning customers came out supported the company, in every possible way, building, buying or just words of encouragement to allow this transition to be as smooth as possible. Things have been good since December 2016 and the goal is to continue to have a positive and successful company. There were will be a 2nd storefront in Chicago, IL in the Spring 2018,  MABBAM is and will always be a community oriented and community driven company, giving back, sponsoring & competing in local basketball events, having free cookouts for the less fortunate, and making sure the community is dressed in a fashion that represents the mission & meaning of MABBAM, which is the acronym for



- Thank You For Your Time & Allowing Me To Share The Growth Of MABBAM.